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Fibrous Asbestos Adhesive

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    Fibrous asbestos adhesive

    Asbestos adhesives were used for a wide range of purposes in building and ship construction. Fibrous asbestos adhesives were employed primarily in areas of the structure where heat is likely to pose a hazard, such as areas were thermal insulation was installed and normal adhesive would quickly deteriorate. Fibrous asbestos adhesive was applied in a liquid form using a brush, trowel or sprayer. The adhesive is non-flammable, with the high-quality asbestos fibrous adhesives being able to withstand temperatures exceeding 430 degrees Celsius.

    Chrysotile asbestos is the most common form of asbestos found in asbestos adhesives. Modern adhesives manufactured later than 1999 that require heat-resistant properties contain silicon or sodium compounds as a heat retardent as a safer alternative to asbestos fibres.

    If your property contains fibrous asbestos adhesive that is in good condition, it is regarded as a very low risk material that may be managed in-situ.

    However, many types of old fibrous asbestos adhesives can become brittle with age and begin crumbling into dust. In this friable state, the asbestos adhesive poses a significant health risk due to the potential for asbestos fibres to be inhaled if the material is disturbed. We recommend asbestos testing by our qualified surveyors to determine whether or not asbestos fibres are present in the fibrous adhesive or dust. We will also assess the risk to you and your family or staff and give you free advice on how to safely manage, repair or remove the adhesive.

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