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Asbestos Joint Cement

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    Asbestos joint cement

    Joint cement is also known as 'plasterboard joint cement' or 'tape joint compound'. Joint cement is an adhesive used primarily for attaching the joint tape that is placed over the seams between sheets of gypsum plasterboard. It is also used to cover nail/screw heads in order to provide a smooth, absorbent surface for the application of plaster skim or paint.

    Before the use of asbestos was phased out, asbestos fibres were added to some joint cement products in order to improve the working texture and durability of the cement. Asbestos joint cement may contain as much as 5% asbestos fibres by weight.

    If your property contains asbestos joint cement that is in good condition, it is a low risk material that may be managed in-situ.

    However, if the cement is deteriorating or you plan to carry out refurbishment work that will disturb the material, the asbestos fibres may become airborne and pose a health risk to the building occupants.

    We recommend asbestos testing by our experienced surveyors to determine whether or not asbestos fibres are present in the joint cement. We will also assess the risk to you and your family or staff and give you free advice on how to safely manage, repair or remove the joint cement.

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