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Asbestos Bonding Cement

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    Asbestos bonding cement

    Bonding cement is used to add a waterproof covering and durability to exterior walls, typically as a screed-type covering. During the 1960's, several producers of bonding cement added asbestos fibres during the manufacturing process to act as a bonding material and to aid waterproofing (several types of asbestos are water-repellant).

    Modern bonding cements use fibreglass or other fibres as the bonding material and so are non-hazardous.

    Asbestos bonding cement is generally regarded as a low-risk product as the asbestos fibres are bound within the matrix of the material.

    Asbestos bonding cement can sometimes be difficult to identify during surveying as it may be hidden by paint or other cement coatings.

    If the asbestos bonding cement is in good condition and not crumbling, this item is usually regarded as low risk unless drilled.

    However, if the material is crumbling or damaged, we recommend asbestos sampling by our qualified surveyors. We will be able to tell you whether or not your bonded cement contains asbestos fibres, and also assess the risk to you and your family or staff. In addition, we will give you free advice on how to safely manage, repair or remove the cement.

    Contact us now to arrange an appointment by phoning 0800 061 2597. Alternatively, click here for a free, no-obligation quotation (typically £49 for single-point sampling).