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Asbestos Duct Adhesive

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    Asbestos duct adhesive

    Many asbestos-containing materials have been used in heating, ventilation & air conditioning systems (also known as HVAC). One such product is asbestos duct adhesive.

    Certain forms of asbestos duct adhesive were applied in a spray-on form, although the duct adhesive most often used in the assembly of HVAC systems was in the form of tape, similar in appearance to modern "duct tape". Like modern duct tape, duct adhesive was manufactured with a cloth or foil backing and heavy, fire-resistant cement or adhesive compound. Duct adhesive was used to minimize the leakage of heated air through a warm-air heating system or cooled air though air-conditioning systems.

    Building Regulations require that duct adhesive be flame resistant. During the 1960's, 70's and 80s, asbestos fibre was commonly used for this purpose, due to its low cost and easy availability. Many of these HVAC systems remain in buildings to this day.

    If the asbestos duct adhesive is in good condition and undamaged, it is generally regarded as a moderate risk material and can usually be managed in-situ.

    However, if the duct adhesive is deteriorating or damaged, there is a risk that asbestos fibres may be disturbed by the flow of air through the heating/ventilation system and enter the building. We recommend asbestos sampling by our qualified surveyors. We will be able to tell you whether or not the duct adhesive contains asbestos fibres, and also assess the risk to you and your family or staff. In addition, we will give you free advice on how to safely manage, repair or remove the duct adhesive.

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