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Asbestos Registers

  • What is an asbestos register?

    Asbestos Register

    An asbestos register is a document that provides details about all known or suspected asbestos materials within your property. It needs to show the locations of all such materials plus their associated risks, along with a plan for how you intend to manage each particular item.

  • Why do I need one?

    Asbestos Registers

    All non-residential properties are legally required to have an asbestos register. This is stated in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. If you do not have one, you may be fined by the HSE if they pay a visit to your property.

    Having an up-to-date asbestos register for your property will benefit you as it will help protect you and your workers from asbestos risks within your own property. It will also protect contractors who you employ to carry out maintenance work on your property. By keeping people safe, you are greatly reducing the risk of being held liable should one of your workers (or contractors) contract an asbestos disease in the future.

  • Where do I start?


    Firstly, you need to identify where all of the asbestos-containing materials are in your property. This is difficult unless you know what you are looking for. Did you know that floor tiles may contain asbestos? How about toilet cisterns, or even textured coatings such as Artex?

    So what do you do? You call us. We will carry out a full asbestos survey of your property and provide you with an asbestos report. The report will tell you things such as material location, risk, recommendations and also act as your viewing log to show that you are a responsible property owner.

  • What do I do next?

    Asbestos Management

    Once your asbestos survey is complete and you have your asbestos report, you then need to put in writing a plan of how you intend to implement our recommendations. Your plan will state things such as a timescale for any necessary repair or removal work, how often you intend to re-inspect your asbestos materials and what you will do if circumstances change.

    If this seems daunting and a lot of extra work, don't worry - we can help with this aspect of your asbestos management plan as well.

    We can discuss with you the best course of action and work out a viable solution. We will then help you formulate your asbestos management plan in order to ensure you comply with the law.

  • How do I contact you?

    Asbestos Inspectors

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